hereO GPS

The Silver Telegram was tasked with driving traffic and support to hereO’s Indiegogo campaign. Our primary outreach strategy included media relations through email and phone to business, parenting, lifestyle, mobile and tech blogs and publications. In addition, we scheduled media tours in New York and San Francisco, for hands-on demonstrations of the watch, resulting in more than 60 pieces of coverage in less than two months.

We also conducted two contests through social media. These contests drove the number of likes and link shares on Facebook. A contest was also conducted to encourage Indiegogo users to share and refer friends to buy hereO GPS watches.

hereO GPS was featured in CNET, Crowdfund Insider, Engadget, FOX Business, GigaOm, Gizmag, Huffington Post, Popsugar, Techcrunch, TWICE, Ubergizmo, ZDNet and much more…

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