The Silver Telegram was tasked with driving traffic and support to the mojoe crowdfunding campaign. Our primary media outreach strategy included media relations through phone and email to tech, gadget, crowdfunding, and lifestyle press. The Silver Telegram also reached out to bloggers that focused on coffee news, travel, and outdoor activities. The Silver Telegram kept record of media who would like to be a part of a review program with mojoe sample units when they are available post-campaign.

Coverage secured was based on the Kickstarter campaign only. Coverage included feature pieces on Digital Trends, Geekwire, Gizmag, Huffington Post, Mashable Trendhunter, Ubergizmo, Washington Post and others.

The Silver Telegram secured top tier reviews with publications including: Buzzfeed, CNET, Forbes, Huffington Post, Real Simple, Slashgear, USA Today and Yahoo! Tech to name a few.

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