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The PR Playbook Podcast is a spinoff of the PR guidebook published by Ronjini Joshua, The PR Playbook. This podcast is a show for anyone that wants to understand modern public relations, create strategic PR programs and learn the best ways to execute the most effective PR strategies and tactics to increase brand awareness and promote sales.

With 20 years of PR industry experience, Ronjini Joshua answers your most asked questions about PR strategy, media relations, crowdfunding as well as the intersection of PR and social media and marketing. This podcast features expert insights from Ronjini, media professionals and journalists, social media pro’s and digital marketing specialists who all contribute to an integrated communications program.

Latest Episodes

Ep. 55 Six Storytelling Tips for Brands (Conversation with Megan Alba)

Storytelling is a critical part of establishing brand identity, awareness and credibility. Telling the right story can sometimes be tricky and it doesn’t always land, but that’s ok. As PR professionals and with our focus in media relations, we are laser focused on developing stories that will resonate with the media and with your audience. In this podcast, I speak with friend and colleague Megan Alba about developing your story in 6 easy steps.

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Ep. 54 Current state of the media. Interviews w/ Anthony Ha, Jennifer Jolly, Rich Demuro and Milton Santiago

A fire side chat with media & public relations experts covering topics from CES 2021 to the current state of the media. Listen to this informative one hour presentation that was recorded during our PR Essentials Summit event.

Anthony Ha: senior writer at TechCrunch, where he covers media and advertising, writes the Daily Crunch newsletter, and co-hosts the Original Content podcast.

Jenifer Jolly: an American consumer technology journalist and TV broadcaster. She is a Wired Well columnist for The New York Times, tech-life columnist and host of Tech Now for USA Today, and a digital lifestyle contributor for The Today Show.

Rich Demuro: a technology reporter for KTLA-TV Channel 5 in Los Angeles and appears on the No. 1-rated KTLA 5 Morning News. Viewers know him as “Rich on Tech” and his segment are seen on various TV stations across the nation.

Milton Santiago: Freelance cinematography and media expert

Ep. 53 How to Pitch the media in 2021

The pandemic has changed the way we do everything, especially the way we pitch. It’s important to note that the media landscape has changed quite a bit in the last year. In this podcast I’ll talk about the changes that the media has gone through in 2020 and what to expect when pitching the media this year (at least for now) and best practices.

Ep. 52What to expect when marketing in 2021

Even though no one wants to admit it, it seems that erasing 2020 from our lives is not happening sooner than later. Some say that with the emergence of new strains of the virus popping up around the world, we can brace ourselves for another year inside.

Listen to this podcast to hear the five major areas that will support your growth and make sure that 2021 is a winning year for you and your brand.

Ep. 51 Auditing your social media. An interview w/Danielle Foley, principal of Foley Marketing Advisors.

Did you know Social Media is part of the PR mix? Social media is a critical part of customer acquisition and communication today. That’s why it’s important to factor that in when developing your PR strategy, as it relates to earned versus paid relationships. Often the content that comes from your social media posts, can also be leveraged for PR.

Today, I’m speaking with Danielle Foley, principal of Foley Marketing Advisors with more than 20 years experience developing and implementing a wide range of successful marketing, public relations and social media strategies.

Ep. 50 Multicultural marketing and PR – Considerations to make when approaching specific groups. An interview w/ Elizabeth Barrutia, CEO of Barú Marketing.

If the target market for your brand is diverse and has a specific influence with different cultures, then you can’t come up with a mainstream marketing strategy and expect it to work.

Today we will interview, Elizabeth Barrutia, Founder and CEO of Barú Marketing + Media, a multicultural marketing agency. With a 20-year career in general and Hispanic markets, she is an industry innovator in multi-cultural marketing and media.

Ep. 49 How and when to use influencer + paid media. An interview w/ Laura Knapp, CEO and Founder of Uplift Unlimited

Do you wonder how, when or if you should be using influencer marketing? If you are a brand that wants to leverage influencer marketing or has wondered about why a program didn’t work, this interview is for you.

Today, I’m speaking with Laura Knapp, a strategic digital and influencer marketing professional of more than a decade. Laura is the CEO and founder of Uplift Unlimited, a digital marketing consultancy group and co-founder of Lex + Park, an influencer management agency.

Ep. 48 Thought Leadership and building your brand. An interview w/ Omar Hamdi, Director at Pathos Communications.

Have you ever wondered how “experts” get their status? Do you consider yourself an expert in something? If you’ve trained in something or established a career, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be the expert in your field, it’s all about being visible, saying interesting things and getting exposure.

There are stepping stones to every part of the PR process and today, I’ll speak with Omar Hamdi, Director at Pathos Communications in addition to being a TV host, producer, writer and media advisor. For more than a decade he has worked with entrepreneurs and brands to establish recognition in the media.

Ep. 47 Developing your strategic brand message. An interview w/ Fabian Geyrhalter, creative director of FINIEN

Do you know what your brand’s vision, mission and message is? What actions do you want your audience to take? Are you communicating something meaningful? What short and long term impact do you want your brand to have. This is all one of the most critical components of building a brand, a brand strategy and executing successful marketing and PR campaigns.

Today, I’m speaking with Fabian Geyrhalter a brand strategist and creative director of FINIEN. Fabian has deep expertise in guiding companies through their brand transformations and has written and published international Amazon best-sellers, now go-to resources for entrepreneurs and marketers alike including How to launch a brand, Bigger than this and The Brand Therapy Book.

Ep. 46 Non-profit PR and how to get started. An interview w/ Mercy Chikowore.

Whether you are looking to educate the public, increase donations or find volunteers. Public relations can support the growth of your nonprofit effort, event or organization in various ways, however, you may not know how to get started.

Today, I’m speaking with Mercy Chikowore a PR Maven with over a decade of experience creating communications strategies for nonprofit, entertainment and private sector clients, Mercy has secured an impressive portfolio of local and national media placements, landing clients in the Associated Press, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Root, Business Insider, and more.

Ep. 45 When, How and Why of Press Releases. An interview w/ Mickie Kennedy, Founder of eReleases.

Have you ever wondered why you need a press release? Moreover, what to write in it or even who to send it to? Most people can build their own PR campaigns for under $2,000. That’s good news for businesses with limited cash flow (especially startups) at their disposal for a full PR campaign.

PR Professionals have held the keys on PR distribution for a while in this conversation, but today we’ll go through the dynamics of how to pull together a winning press releases and how to distribute it to top outlets.

Ep. 44 Is there a wrong time to start PR + what you should do to prepare. Interview w/ Scott Brovsky – Director, EPIC SBDC at UC Riverside

One of the most basic questions before starting a public relations program as a startup is: am I ready? Well are you? What do you need to be ready for a PR program?

Today, I’m speaking with Scott Brovsky, an entrepreneur, founder, investor and startup advisor at the University of California Riverside mentoring entrepreneurs and tech startups since January 2017. Scott is a director at EPIC SBDC mentoring promising tech startups both on campus at UC Riverside and in the regional community of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Ep. 43 What are we expecting for CES 2021? An interview w/ John Biggs, EIC of Gizmodo

In this impromptu interview, I have a candid discussion with John Biggs, EIC of Gizmodo and prominent tech journalist, about CES 2021, the state of the media and virtual events in general. And while we may not want to be in the chaos of CES, there is a little piece in all of us that is missing one of the biggest Tech events of the year. Tune in to this quick interview with John Biggs to hear more.

Ep. 42 Cutting through the retail clutter, how do you get your brand through all the digital noise?

The digital marketplace for everything has become very noisy. One of the most common questions we are getting asked is, how do we sift through the digital clutter to get noticed. This…my friends is what PR was made for. Listen to this podcast to give you some quick tips and reference points on what you need to plan into your strategy to cut through the digital clutter.

Ep. 41 The basics of DIY PR

There are times when I speak with people and explain what I do with the media that they ask me why they wouldn’t be able to do it themselves. The truth is, they can. PR is an essential skill that I believe everyone should have. However, it is the experience of a PR professional that does it successfully day after day that makes them valuable. It’s just as if you are a recreational tennis player versus a pro. Sure you can play, but can you win? In this podcast, we’ll discuss the core essentials of what you need to consider for your PR program.

Ep. 40 How to get quoted in the media

Being an expert is not as easy as it looks. If you see someone on TV or quoted in an article, it’s most likely that their PR person created a relationship with a producer or journalist to get them there. In today’s podcast you’ll get some quick tips on how to position yourself and be asked to provide commentary, insights or advice on the news or in articles in the future and build your personal expert profile.

Ep. 39 How to start and market your podcast. An interview / Cole Raven, co-founder at Podchaser.

Podcasts are becoming one of the most popular mediums. You can find podcasts for just about anything these days, whether you are trying to better yourself or pass the time, podcasts are a great way to listen to new topics, build a brand and generate leads. In this conversation, I’ll be chatting with Cole Raven from Podchaser about How to Start and Market your podcast!

Cole Raven is a co-founder at Podchaser, the most comprehensive podcast database focused on connecting the entirety of the podcast industry. Podchaser is known colloquially as the “IMDb of podcasts”; as it has over 7 million podcast credits and allows users to rate and review podcasts and individual episodes, as well as play episodes, create shareable lists, bookmark episodes for later, and follow their friends activity. Since 2017, Cole has held a variety of positions within Podchaser, at various times leading product, marketing, and revenue efforts. Prior to Podchaser, Cole worked in sales for startups and has founded multiple ventures. His favorite podcast is The Running Public.

Podchaser’s website:

Cole’s Podchaser page:

Twitter: @raven_cole


Ep. 38 5 things to know before you jump into crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has seen many outrageous successes over the last decade of its infamous rise in the consumer products industry. Everything from the Pebble Watch, to the Coolest Cooler to Potato Salad has funded successfully on Kickstarter giving people hope that anyone can be a winner on this intensely popular platform. However, it ain’t that easy. Merely 22.4% of crowdfunding campaigns across all platforms are successful. Check out these 5 things before you jump into crowdfunding chaos.

Ep. 37How to get into holiday gift guides

Yes, it is already time for Holiday Gift Guides, despite how insanely early it seems to think about the holidays. However, your reason is purely professional at this point. Make sure you’re ready for Holiday Gift Guide season with these key tips from us and our journalist friends.

Ep. 36 Why you should consider paid, earned, shared and owned media in your PR plan in a post-COVID era. An interview w/ Jacob Crompton-Schreiber with Publicize.

Today we are interviewing with Jacob Crompton Schreiber on why you should consider paid, earned, shared and owned media in your PR plan in a post-COVID era.

Jacob Crompton-Schreiber is a PR pro from London, though now based in beautiful Medellin, Colombia. Working with entrepreneurs, startups and enterprises from around the world and helping to shape their stories by mixing strategy and creativity to engage their audiences. After extensive travelling through Latin America, Jacob settled both into the “city of eternal spring”; and PR a few years ago, and hasn’t looked back since. Working with such passionate entrepreneurs allows inspiration to come easy, and helping new businesses grow never gets dull.

Publicize –

Ep. 35 Scam Alert: Influencer marketing will sink your business! An interview w/ Jim Malcolm.

Today I’m excited to interview Jim Malcolm, a tech industry Chief Marketing Officer who has created over 100 campaigns.

Is it a scam or worth the investment? Most people feel like influencers can add credibility to a brand, but this interview with Jim Malcolm may change your mind. Hear what you need to know before going into the murky world of influencer relations and five things that you absolutely MUST do for it to work for you.

Jim Malcolm – A global marketing executive advising Investors, leading Entrepreneurs, CEOs, CFOs, and Employees in achieving innovative technology solutions to market, re-position, and expand revenue within their organizations. For the past several years, Jim’s unique ability is to translate sophisticated technology into easy to understand consumer and business benefits for the global VR/AR/AI segments.

Ph. 858-449-7587

Ep. 34 How can you leverage your customers for PR?

There are many ways to do PR and when you don’t have news it may seem that you don’t have anything noteworthy to say. Hopefully you have customers that love you and if you do, why haven’t you leveraged them for PR yet? There are a few ways that you can do that and we’ll talk about that in this quick pod.

Ep. 33 How to prepare for approaching investors. An interview w/ Johnny Lam from ScaleHealth.

This podcast is geared towards our startup friends or anyone that is looking to fundraise and get investors for their business. It’s not that easy to ask for funding, you have to be prepared to develop your business plan, answer and ask the right questions. The business and investor relationship also needs to be able to be mutually beneficial. What will you get out of the relationship and what can you expect. Johnny Lam from LA’s ScaleHealth, will discuss How to prepare to approach investors.

A Los Angeles native, Johnny has spent the majority of his life here in LA. After college, Johnny gained a lot of experience working at 3 Fortune 100 companies, (UPS, Wells Fargo, and Intel). Apart from working at large multi-national/multi-billion dollar companies, Johnny has founded and worked at startups as well, and that’s what he prefers. He’s worked at startups ranging from automotive, to food & beverage, and to education. Johnny’s sweet spot in any organization is streamlining operations and figuring out ways to scale their business.

Outside of work, Johnny loves spending time with his wife and 2 kids, (3 years old daughter and 3 month old son.) Feel free to reach out to Johnny anytime because unfortunately, he’s always connected!

Twitter: @scalehlth / IG: @jl/scalehealth

Ep. 32 Interview w/ Producer Mike Johns: Thoughtfully addressing social + cultural crisis through PR

Sometimes it’s challenging to navigate the news, media and even social media during volatile times like we are having in 2020. I think it would be remiss if we did not address how to be socially conscious and sensitive through PR. Today’s interview covers how to address socially sensitive issues through PR and other social media.

Mike Johns: Founder @ Digital Mind State


Ep. 31 What is the difference between a press release and a media alert? And when to use them.

I’ve been covering a lot around the basics of PR and I think this question of Press release versus media alert is one of those things where people can’t really tell the difference. While they seem really similar a press release and a media alert actually serve two different functions.

In this episode I’ll go over the differences along with how to use them correctly.

Check out episode 28 of the PR Playbook Podcast to learn how to effectively write a press release.

Ep. 30 What is the difference between a press release and a media alert? And when to use them.

I’ve been covering a lot around the basics of PR and I think this question of Press release versus media alert is one of those things where people can’t really tell the difference. While they seem really similar a press release and a media alert actually serve two different functions.

In this episode I’ll go over the differences along with how to use them correctly.

Check out episode 28 of the PR Playbook Podcast to learn how to effectively write a press release.

Ep. 29 What you need to know about Regulation crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a complex space. First you have to determine whether rewards based crowdfunding or equity crowdfunding is the right place for you. In this podcast we dive in the Regulation (or equity) crowdfunding to give you quick insights on the different types of crowdfunding and what they entail.

CLICK LINK: Our recent blog about equity crowdfunding

Ep. 28 How to write an effective press release.

Many people say that the press release is no longer relevant, if you’ve heard my previous podcast on press releases you’ll know that while they are not dead, there has definitely been an evolution of the press release and how it’s used. If you check way back to Episode 4, you’ll learn the when and why to do a press release and the things to consider.

In this podcast I want to dive deeper on the “how” of writing an effective press release.

CLICK LINK: Our blog on how to write an effective press release with helpful tips

CLICK LINK:  PDF File – Anatomy Of A Press Release

Ep. 27 Increase your business revenue 10X by diversifying your marketing efforts. An interview w/ Ryan Cooper, co-founder of Plural.

Do you want to increase your business revenue 10X? Are you exploring all your marketing options? I didn’t know about this very specific marketing method until I spoke with Ryan Cooper from Plural. Direct Response marketing isn’t for everyone, but it may give you a high return if it’s right for your brand. In this conversation with Plural co-founder, Ryan Cooper, he’ll tell us if Direct Response marketing can be a silver bullet to your sales funnel.

Ep. 26 Crowdfunding Best Practices for Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Crowdfunding is always an exciting endeavor. Over the last 9 years we have served more than 50 campaigns and raised more than $10 million dollars on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Fundable, etc. Today, I share the 3 key elements of any successful crowdfunding campaign. Listen carefully and get ready to launch your most successful campaign yet.

 CHECKLIST LINK:  Crowdfunding Checklist – be prepared and ready to launch

TST Blog Link:  Is crowdfunding right for me? 5 Things To Consider Before Getting Started

TST Blog Link: 5 major crowdfunding mistakes you can avoid

TST Blog Link: Crowdfunding essentials: 5 Things campaigns must have for success

Ep. 25 How does thought leadership help your PR profile?

Thought Leadership is a buzzword that’s floating around, but what does that really mean? In public relations programs over the past 5 years, thought leadership has played an essential role in elevating the profile of executives in their industry, which helps them get visibility in the public, visibility for their brand and credibility as someone who knows what they are talking about. This episode explains thought leadership, when you should do it and how to get started.

Ep. 24 How, when and why to build in SEO. An interview w/ Ryan Rivard, Founder & CEO of Bespoken Management.

There are a lot of parts to communicating with the public, but how can you communicate to them if they can’t find you. Today we’ll dive into the world of SEO for a quick primer on what you need to know, why you should use SEO strategies and how to get started.

Ryan Rivard, Founder and CEO of Bespoken Management, a performance-based award-winning global marketing agency.

Bespoken Management: a performance-based award-winning global marketing agency offering custom-tailored marketing solutions for application development, marketing automation, CRM management, SEO, website development, video animations and more.

(personal one is

Podcast name – BSPKN

Ep. 23Media Relations 101 – Reaching out and connecting with media

There are many small nuances to public relations, but probably the most famous is media outreach. PR and media outreach are like peanut butter and jelly. I’ve been called by 100’s of startups in my career now to get featured in the biggest publications. My most memorable placement to this day was an article about a popular video game in the Arts section of the Sunday New York Times. It’s strange how and why these things stick in your head, but take a quick listen if you want to work your way to media rockstardom.

Ep. 22Where to look for funding opportunities during a pandemic.
An interview w/ Ted Parker with Millennium Trust Company.

It’s a crazy time and any fundraising thoughts that you had in January have been long derailed by now. If you’re a startup looking for your first funds or even a more established startup that is extending its network, you may be wondering “Where should I be looking for investors right now?”

There are plenty of displaced startups that are looking for funding. In this conversation with seasoned investor, Ted Parker with Millennium Trust Company, we talk about some non-traditional funding ideas that may get you through the pandemic and into 2021.

Learn How Ted Parker, With Millennium Trust, Can Help Your Startup With Funding Options

Ted Parker | SVP Western Regional Director Custodial Services

Website Link – Click Here

Twitter:  @ PARKER_T_R

Millennium Trust Company the leading custodian of alternative investments, including but not limited to the following: Hedge Funds, Private Real Estate, Physical Precious Metals, Private Equity (Stock) and Private Debt (both corporate debt and real estate debt-think “Fix and Flip”), and the global phenomenon of Peer to Peer lending (private lending in the areas that Banks don’t participate in).

I work from my office in Southern CA with Investment Sponsors and Advisors in California, Oregon, and Washington with custody matters and strategies involving the growing interest in Alternative Investments.

Investor eBook

Pre-custody required documents:

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Video about ALTS:

The Secret of Silicon Valley”, story of hope for Startups:

Ep. 21 Trendspotting and how to break through the noise with Mashable’s Sasha Lekach

Breaking through the noise of what’s happening in the news isn’t an easy feat. Its not just about who you know, its about relevance, timeliness and how it applies to the audience. Today’s episode is going to talk about trendspotting and breaking through the noise, which is always relevant but even more relevant right now because there is so much noise to break through if you’re trying to reach a top tier media outlet like Mashable.

Sasha usually covers the automotive/transportation industry, but when news like Pandemic wreaks havoc on the media landscape, its typically all hands on deck for staff reporters.

Ep. 20 The power of content creation. An interview w/ Debra Chen, founder of The Great Fail Podcast

You have a brand or perhaps you want to build up your own personal brand. Times are changing quickly and you can provide content in a variety of ways. What should people and brands do?. How do you generate content that people want? How does it impact the receiver? This episode is for anyone who’s been looking to create or has been creating news, blogs, articles, podcast, and videos.

Debra Chen, a capital markets strategist whose background has been on Wall Street for over 17 years. She’s ran two publicly traded media companies and recently launched The Great Fail podcast.