5 easy tips for your press release headline.

It’s not easy to grab people’s attention. It’s even harder to grab the attention of media targets that you want to get to write about you, your company or your product. A good place to start is the headline. Your headline should have key elements to grab attention and insight action.

Here are 5 tips of getting started on a stellar headline:

1) What are you announcing? – Be specific and make sure it is impactful to your industry. How does what you’re announcing “move the needle”?

2) Lead your readers – Tell them why they want to know what’s in the release.

3) Create curiosity – Make sure that however you lead in, that your giving them crumbs and not the whole piece of bread.

4) Promise specifics – You can’t tell the whole story in the headline and you don’t want to. Make sure that the reader has a reason to continue reading the whole story.

5) Revisit your headline – After you write your release, go back make sure your headlines cover everything from above.

While every press release isn’t newsworthy, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it exciting. Sometimes the difference between a good and bad headline can mean the difference between great press and no press. The cleaner you write, the better results you get. Keep it punchy, keep it simple and keep it honest.

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