The Silver Telegram is a full-service public relations and communications firm for emerging growth stage technology and lifestyle brands. We are on a mission to increase brand visibility, improve your sales with key stakeholders and establish the industry leadership you deserve.

Our Sweet Media Scores

Some campaigns we have worked on

In the past 12 years, The Silver Telegram team has worked across technology from startups to IPO. Our full-range communications programs go from crowdfunding to thought leadership. We incorporate traditional PR strategies and execute them with a comprehensive tactical approach to ensure you get the most visibility.

Launching Prenav + Funding

An enterprise drone startup in stealth mode, Prenav wanted to close a strong Series A by planting some seeds in […]

As a growing early-stage company in Canada in the category of enterprise productivity, tasked The Silver Telegram with the […]

Hyrecar to IPO

HyreCar was instrumental in pioneering the new category of Carsharing for the ridesharing industry. As ridesharing (and HyreCar) began getting […]

Launching Soundboks Go!

A return client, TST’s team came on board to launch the portable Soundboks Go! In North America. We secured top-tier […]

Farmsense SEO Thought Leadership & More.

A new startup in the Riverside ecosystem, we started working with Farmsense as they got funding. Since then we have […]

OneClock Crowdfunding to success

Launching a new luxury product in a pandemic isn’t easy, but OneClock did it and achieved great results with the […]

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions…we have answers. That’s why we’ve proactively pulled together this list of the top 10 questions we get asked about PR, services and media relations. We pride ourselves in transparency and open communication; so if you have questions that aren’t answered here, please email us at info at


What kind of media do you work with?

We have had the opportunity to work with all types of media. Our team has experience in consumer, technology, B2B, B2C, enterprise, broadcast, entertainment and so much more. We have had the opportunity to work with brands from Monster Energy to Quad9, from Shokz to Gecko Robotics, from Keynote Systems to T-mobile. Over the years we find that working with the tech and business media like Digital Trends, Forbes, Techcrunch, Wall Street Journal, WIRED and USA Today has become our sweet spot. But don’t think we haven’t gotten our hands into Design Milk, Men’s Journal, Real Simple, Shape NY Wirecutter and so many more. When it comes to media, we target the media that will be most relevant to your business.


Do you create the content or do I have to?

Whatever you like. We have content creators that can do the job. However, if you’re committed to a certain voice, then you may wanto to produce it in-house. We can also do the start or finish for you. You can create an abstract and us flesh it out, we create the abstract and you flesh it out. It can all be collaborative.


How do you measure results?

We measure against preset goals, traffic and views, website traffic, UTM’s and CTA’s. What are we trying to achieve from each tactic or piece of collateral and are we meeting those metrics in whatever way possible?


How much does it cost?

Projects will vary depending on the scope of work of course. Cost is determined by time and effort it will take for our team to meet our preset goals. With our focused commitment to success, TST campaigns are easily one third the cost of traditional internal marketing support with built in guarantees. Our variable pricing depends on your custom project, starting at $3000. Take a look at our services to determine what you want in your plan and we can pull something together for you.


How much time/resources do I have to commit to make this successful?

Every good campaign comes with good collaboration. In addition to our regular meetings, we recommend your internal sources have at minimum 3-4 hours to spend on PR collaboration with our team each week. The more input you have the better the results will be. 5 hours a week would make you a rockstar.


What does The Silver Telegram do?

What started as a traditional public relations firm has evolved to a fully integrated communications agency. While our core is in media relations and storytelling, our team of expert PR pro’s, marketers and content creators help your executives and your brand communicate with the world. We create strategic programs to give your brand more visibility, awareness and leverage so that you can do better business.


How long does it take to get media coverage?

If you have big news, it can take a couple of weeks, if we have to build a strategy maybe 5-6 weeks. It really depends on what we have as ammunition. Good media relations is all about timeliness and relevance. And sometimes we just get lucky. Pair your story with a tradeshow and it may have more legs. Ultimately, we don’t have a lot of control when something comes out, but we can connect the dots for you.


What is your campaign creation process?

It’s actually pretty easy. We start with a quick call that outlines and focuses on your business goals. You give us some of (who you think are) your top competitors so that we can do a quick audit on media and messages that are already in the market. Then…our team gets to work to build a media/content strategy. Because in this day and age media coverage alone won’t do the trick.


How long are your campaigns/contracts?

While typically our campaigns start at 3 months, 6 months to 12 month contracts. We are now offering flexible project and month-to-month pricing during this chaotic year. Whether you just need to launch a product/service or you are in it for the long haul of brand awareness and ongoing visibility, we can create a custom plan for you.


How long does it take to get started?

The beauty of a boutique is that we are nimble and quick. We can get started within 2 weeks depending on the time of year and bandwidth. Our team can usually get started faster than you can so we give you an onboarding task list so that we can be most efficient with our time.

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